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Thank you, Susie and Richard

Nick Friend12 May - 10:51
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As Susie and Richard Nicoll finally begin to step aside from their million roles at the club, we all wanted to thank them...

As a new season starts, an era ends.

We'll forever be indebted to Richard and Susie Nicoll, the driving force that took a struggling little club buried in north London to the heights of the last decade.

For the best part of 30 years, they've been the best of us, the real heroes in the background to Premier League titles, professional cricketers, national trophies and a junior system they built themselves.

Their real legacy, though, is in the lives improved, the second home that The Midd is to so many, the friendships they've cultivated for others to enjoy. In the words of Mary Cracknell: "North Midd is really the club that Susie and Richard built."

It's been our privilege to be guided by them.

As they step away from the majority of their zillion day-to-day roles, our job is to follow in their footsteps.

The 40-minute film at the top of this article is testament to all of the above. Everyone wanted to say thank you...

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